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North India First IVF Clinic with In House Genetic Lab

Pre Implant Genetic Screening (PGS): Ensuring results for couples who have faced multiple failed IVF’s, missed abortions and carrier of hereditary disease like thalassemia & sickle cell.Pre Implant Genetic Diagnosis (PGD): Screening the embryo for over 400 heredity diseases, when or both the parents are carriers of genetic abnormality


Recognization &

Our research lab “GeneKart Research and Development Laboratory” is recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR). Only the third such Lab in North India. Seed of Innocence is affiliated with Department of Reproductive Medicine, Ghent University, Belgium

Advanced Infertility Treatment Services

Harnessing the futuristic genetic technology to ensure a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy with a success rate up to 78%. Helped over 12000+ childless couples conceive & complete their family