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It is very challenging for couples when it comes to family planning. Seeds of Innocens, the best IVF centre in Kerala renowned for its firm commitment and compassionate approach to patient care. We offer every patient the best possible fertility solution and personalized care to complete their dream of becoming parents. We have a team of expert specialists and advanced technology under one roof that helps to increase the chances of IVF success rate in Kerala. Seeds of Innocens is a leading IVF fertility chain with over 19 centres across India and overseas.

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Seeds of Innocens IVF centre, Kerala helps to embark on your journey to parenthood and provides world-class services in one place. Our team of experienced & best IVF doctor in Kerala and supporting staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of having a baby. We are here to give you all the solutions related to fertility problems. We offer a wide range of services and fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Blastocyst transfer, Cryopreservation, Genetic testing, and more. We are committed to helping families grow at affordable prices.

Our IVF centre in Kerala successfully helped over 14000+ couples to complete their dreams of becoming parents. We have state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, the latest methods used for treatment, and clean laboratories at our Kerala centre.

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Every patient is different, and so does their condition. The success rate of IVF depends on the condition. We use advanced and latest methods of IVF treatment in Kerala and provide them with the best possible fertility options so that they get pregnant. We have successfully completed the dreams of more than 14000 couples.

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Ans: The cost of IVF depends on various factors such as patient history, condition, lifestyle factors, and more.

Ans: The success rate of the first try of IVF cycle ranges between 30% to 40% and depends on some other factors.

Ans: There are some minor side effects of IVF such as headaches, restlessness, mood swings, mild discomfort, and others.

Ans: While choosing the best IVF centre in Kerala, check out for some factors such as success rate, available facilities, patient reviews, doctors’ expertise, and services offered.

Ans: To get more information, you can call us at 8276002727 or visit our official website.

Successful IVF Treatment Journey: Overcoming Low Sperm Count for Preeti and Rohan

Preeti and Rohan, a couple enduring a decade-long struggle to conceive, sought assistance at our Delhi center. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Gauri Agarwal and Dr. Kriti Tiwari, the couple decided to embark on their journey of parenthood.

Identification of Issue:

Initial investigations were initiated at our Delhi Centre: Rohan’s semen sample displayed a low sperm count of 10 million with 30% motility, a major problem that becomes an obstacle in conception. Our medical team decided to take a comprehensive approach to address this challenge.

Solution Offered:

For a healthy pregnancy, it is important to understand the significance of optimizing sperm quality, it can be corrected to a certain level by including high-quality hormonal injections and medications for both partners.

Treatment Cycle:

Preeti’s ovarian stimulation was started on the 2nd day of her menstrual cycle, facilitated by high-quality stimulation injections. Simultaneously, Rohan was prescribed antibiotics, hormonal injections, and healthy lifestyle adjustments to improve sperm quality. Following 12 days of stimulation, a successful Ovum Pick Up was done and the Doctors were able to retrieve a promising number of eggs. Rohan’s semen analysis was repeated at his home using our services of Home semen tests and it demonstrated a notable improvement, with the sperm count improving to 15 million with 40% motility.

With the acquired semen sample and eggs, our skilled embryologist went ahead for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and was able to make two Grade 5 embryos.


Both the embryos were transferred into Preeti’s uterus. After 15 days, Preeti and Rohan reached out to us with the good news. Their pregnancy kit showed a positive result and we confirmed the same with a Beta HCG test. As Preeti and Rohan navigate through their journey of parenthood, our dedicated team continues to support their continued journey of welcoming their newborn soon.

Disclaimer: Patient faces are blurred due to privacy conflict.

Overcoming Infertility with Ovarian PRP

Identified Issue:

Simran and Sameer post their marriage had been trying to conceive for four years without success. Seeking guidance and hope, they booked an appointment at our Delhi center and consulted with Dr. Kriti Tiwari. Post initial blood investigations, it was evident that Simran had a low level of AMH 0.2ng (Anti-Mullerian hormone), one of the most common issues faced by women at an advanced age.

Solution Offered:

They had a strong desire to conceive their own child, so we suggested ovarian PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy as an option to have their own baby. We did 2 Ovarian PRP therapy after which her AMH  improved to 0.4. Ovarian PRP stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs for fertilization and is a very helpful procedure for women who have low egg quality.

Treatment Cycle:

During the ovarian PRP process, we closely monitored Simran’s progress, post which we started with Simran’s Ovarian stimulation. After 10 days, Simran underwent Ovum Pick Up, and after her stimulation, we retrieved 3 good quality eggs. Meanwhile, Sameer’s semen sample was collected, and our skilled embryologist initiated the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) process. Despite several challenges, we were able to form a single grade 5 embryo.

The Transfer and Awaited Outcome:

The embryo transfer was done, marking the beginning of the parenthood journey of Simran and Sameer. The pregnancy test kit brought a ray of hope as it displayed a positive result, which was later confirmed by the Beta HCG report.


After nine months, Simran and Sameer finally achieved their dream of parenthood. Their IVF journey served as a testament to the effectiveness of ovarian PRP in overcoming infertility challenges and bringing the dream of parenthood to reality.

Disclaimer: Patient faces are blurred due to privacy conflict.