Cryopreservation Techniques

There are conditions like cancer, where preserving fertility becomes essential. In such a situation,couples can have biological children when their health is restored. The advancement in technology has enabled the preservation of fertility using several methods. Cryopreservation procedure is one such method of sperm or egg freezing and even embryo freezing.

Cryopreservation Techniques

Fertility preservation techniques give women and men more flexibility when it comes to family planning.

Cryopreservation techniques involve is basically freezing the sperms, eggs, or embryos at a very low temperature(sub-zero) in compounds like liquid nitrogen. The low temperatures allow cells to have indefinite longevity by suspending all biological activity in them. When the sperms or embryos are needed, they are fertilized or used in a treatment cycle.

Sperm Freezing

A man can preserve his sperms for having children in the future with IVF and other suchtechniques. A man is required to provide a sample for preservation. If no sperms are present, asurgical sperm extraction can be performed to remove sperms directly from the testicles. Theseare stored in the bank until ready to be used for different fertility procedures

Egg Freezing

Fertility declines in women rapidly after the age of 35. Egg freezing is an ideal choice in suchcases. Women, when they are young, can freeze their eggs in the laboratories to have children ata later age. Additionally, females who have to undergo chemotherapy can also freeze their eggs before receiving the treatment.

If a woman decides to freeze her eggs, she has to take medications for some days to stimulate herovaries so that she can produce many more eggs than normal. Once the eggs get mature enough,they are removed from the ovarian follicles and frozen in labs.

Embryo Freezing

Embryos are preserved by collecting eggs and preserving them. Now, in the IVF process, theeggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm. The resulting embryos are cultured, allowing the celldivision to reach the optimal level. When the embryos are formed, they are stored at a fertility clinic until they are to be transferred.

Our Expertise

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No. In fact, freezing has been proven to be the best way or preserving the sperm. It ensures that they will stay healthier for longer if they are preserved that way. There have been instances where babies have born out of sperm that was frozen for almost a decade.

The cost totally depends on the number of specimen stored and several other services that were a part of the process. Thus, it may vary for person to person. For exact information on how much it will cost for you, get in touch with our expert. Book your appointment today.

The longest that a sperm has been preserved before being used for a successful pregnancy after being preserved for more than 28 years. There is no evidence that supports the claim that it can live beyond 28 years, but the general belief is that sperm can be stored indefinitely without a loss in their health.

Very. As women age, their body’s power to sustain the health of an egg begins to wane away. With egg freezing, the age of the egg can be kept the same, that can be used later when the female decides to get pregnant, or can be donated to other women in need.

You can now preserve your younger eggs and use them later when you decide that you are ready for motherhood. These eggs will then be fertilized by your partner’s sperm and implanted into your uterus when you decide to get pregnant.